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Temi Otedola and Mr Eazi Are Engaged – Here’s How They Met

Congratulations are in order… Temi Otedola and Mr Eazi are officially engaged to be married.

The couple took to their respective Instagram pages to share the news with a 38-second video that has now gone viral.

In a picturesque scene, Mr. Eazi is seen in the audio-less video down on one knee looking up to a blushing Temi who gleefully accepts his proposal.

Congratulations poured in from fellow celebrities and their followers alike. Temi’s sister Florence, best known as DJ Cuppy is seemingly the most elated about her sister’s engagement and we can imagine why – she was the link that brought them together, more on that anon.

Sharing in her sister’s joy, Cuppy tweeted;

“Today is one of the HAPPIEST days of my life… Thank you @MrEazi for bringing such joy to our family! ??‍♀️??? Oya what is the hashtag for the wedding? Congratulations to my favourite couple on their engagement! ?”

In another tweet, Cuppy wrote; “I’m so happy that my lil sister @TemiOtedola ??‍♀️ has found her personal person! Yo @MrEazi ??I’ve always wanted an older brother, WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!”

Hinting that she was single and ready to mingle, the pink-loving DJ said; “PS: I introduced you guys, so you better find me my own o!”

Temi Otedola and Mr Eazi

Temi Otedola and Mr Eazi’s relationship has been one of the most admired celebrity relationships in recent times. This is thanks to the fact that it has been basically, drama-free, a rarity in celebrity romances these days.

They simply found the right balance between secrecy and sharing too many details. Occasionally, they’d treat fans to a sneak peek at their romance, from snaps from their frequent vacays to photos from their Valentine’s day dinner and just random cute photos. We’ve all loved to see it…

Celebrating what should be the SI Unit for celebrity relationships, we take you down the memory lane of Temi Otedola and Mr Eazi’s romance.

The Meet-Cute

In a land far far away, Temi Otedola met Mr Eazi for the first time in Nightbridge, London. The occasion was an event where DJ Cuppy was gigging and had asked her fellow musician Mr. Eazi to tag along, and there, the Banku music pioneer laid eyes on Temi for the first time.

So the time came for Cuppy to go show her turntable skills and there was Mr Eazi left alone with Temi who arrived at the event when her big sister was already playing. Both started socializing at the table where they sat and the rest is romance history.

Mr Eazi recounted that moment in 2018 and these were his exact words;

“I met Temi in London. It was an event, her sister invited me for an event. Her sister was playing at the event, somewhere in Nightbridge and she said, oh come out come out, follow me to this event, so I followed her to the event and then she was deejaying and all of a sudden it was just me and Temi sitting down and just watching her.”

“Not really, she didn’t like meet my sister, you know, she invited her sister, she invited me. And by the time her sister came, she was already playing, so her sister came to the table and it was me and her. So, obviously, you have to socialize, so I said, Hi what’s up, my name is Mr. Eazi.”

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All of these played out in 2016 but it was not until mid-2017 that the two began to hint to the public that they were an item. They shared photos of themselves attending events together and while that might not have been a sufficient calling card, Temi’s flamboyant birthday message to Eazi in July 2017 was the ultimate confirmation that we all needed. She had the words “Happy Birthday Eazi ❤️ Tem” written across the sky to celebrate her man on his special day.

temi otedola mr eazi birthday message

The two only served us couple goals from then on, effortlessly luring many into rooting for their romance.

When Temi’s billionaire businessman dad Femi Otedola commented “when una go marry” on the couple’s photo posted on Temi’s Instagram in 2020, it was seen as a sign that indeed Eazi had been accepted into the Otedola family. Fast forward two years later, the couple answered that question with an engagement. We can hear the wedding bells and we wish that they live happily ever after!

P.S – Mr Eazi received a £1,000 engagement gift from his doctor!

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“How Much Does An Average Actor Make in Nigeria?” – Actress Hilda Dokubo Bemoans USD100K Ransom Demanded For Kidnapped Nollywood Actors

hilda dokubo

Insecurity is at an all-time high in the nation and our beloved celebrities are not being exempted from the increasing mayhem that continues to plague our communities and cities. Last week two Nollywood veterans (Cynthia Okereke and Cornel Clemson) were kidnapped with the captors requesting a whopping ransom of $100,000, approximately NGN71 million. Actress and Federal House of Reps hopeful, Hilda Dokubo has bemoaned the unfortunate incident.

In an Instagram post made on Sunday, July, 31st, Dokubo lamented over the incident describing how financial problems stemming from insufficient earing as well as terminal illnesses had become the bane of most Nollywood actors and actresses.

“Nollywood is about moving from one level of begging for alms to save an ill or dying colleague to now facing the worse of fears over two of their colleagues facing God knows what in the hands of kidnappers,” the actress wrote in the caption section of the Instagram post accompanied by a pictorial write-up that read; “One hundred thousand dollars ransom demand for 2 decent hardworking Nigerians whose only offense was that they were returning from work.”

Dokubo hinted at the poor judgment of the kidnappers saying how they were unable to differentiate between what was real and fiction portrayed in the movies by Nollywood actors.

She added;

“Where will we turn if not the public using our social media platforms? Well…Finally, the kidnappers have made their demands. They want money! 100k USdollars! From where? Unfortunately, they misjudged the financial status of the actors they kidnapped! And think that as it is in the movies that are how it is in real life. What a life!”

Dokubo further explained how she knew these two actors on a personal level and was sure that they had no such money anywhere to ransom their lives from their abductors.

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“Where will we get one hundred thousand USdollars from? God save all of us from this pain and give us your grace for this period. I know some actors paint the wrong picture on social media all the time but it is only in line with the “Show” part of SHOWbiz. Hopefully, you’ll understand what I mean.”

“I am pained because I know these two personally, have worked with them and I know the truth of how it is with them. Just been asking myself one question all day, How much does an average actor make in Nigeria?”

Over the weekend the news that both Okereke and Clemson were kidnapped made it to the airwaves via a statement by Monalisa Chinda, the Communications Director of the Actor’s Guild of Nigeria (AGN). Both were returning from a movie set in Ozalla town in Enugu state on Friday, July 29 when they were unfortunately ambushed by the kidnappers.

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Actress Hilda Dokubo Confident In Labour Party’s Takeover of Rivers State

Hilda Dokubo

Veteran Nollywood actress Hilda Dokubo has expressed confidence in the Labour party structure saying that the party has what it takes to displace the ruling People’s Democratic Party in her state of origin, Rivers State.

Hilda made this known while attending a Labour Party strategic meeting held in the state’s capital Port-Harcourt on Thursday, July 28th. Responding to criticisms that the third-force party lacked the structure to excel at the 2023 polls, Dokubo stated; “Individuals are the structures of every political party and we have our teaming supporters here in the state.”

Dokubo is flying the Labour Party flag vying for the Kuku-Toru/Asari-Toru Federal Constituency seat in the forthcoming elections. Dokubo who believes that a political revolution is on the horizon has frequently lauded youths for their increased participation in the electoral process and has urged them on on their demand for better governance across the country.

A few weeks ago, the actress-cum politician called on INEC to provide more electoral materials to rural parts of Rivers State in order to meet up with the high turnout of youths seeking to register for their Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC).

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“For the first time in my life, I see young people who are hungry to participate in governance, in deciding who their leaders will be,” the actress said. She added, “That is so encouraging because we have been on that battle of young people and women participating effectively. Not just being represented but participating themselves.”

Criticizing INEC’s incompetence at handling voter registration the actress further said;

“We have seen huge turnout of young people across Nigeria but we have not witnessed that INEC collaboration. They have extended the period of registration but have they increased the number of machines that we need? I am actually saying to INEC; we need more machines, we need more hands. More people are interested. It is not like before when only few people come out.”

The INEC Voter Registration process will be ending in a few days on Sunday the 31st of July. However, there has been a wide clamor by citizens to extend the process until three months to the election day.

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Ebuka at 40 – Wife Cynthia Reveals 40 Things She Loves About Him in Sweet Birthday Message


Our beloved screen god Ebuka Obi Uchendu has just clocked 40! And to celebrate that milestone achievement, his better half Cynthia Uchendu took to her Instagram page to type a heartfelt message that has us all feeling mush mush.

Cynthia posted a short clip including snippets of herself and Ebuka and a rare sighting of their 2 adorable kids. The video runs against the backdrop of Ellie Goulding’s heartwarming song How Long Will I Love You.

Cynthia took to the comment section to wish Ebuka a happy birthday and then revealed the highlight of the posts – 40 Reasons Why She Loves Ebuka. Cynthia is not one to often go over the top with her romance with Ebuka, so this was a welcome development that raised eyebrows and had many in a chokehold. Who doesn’t want to know more about the ever sleek hunk that is Ebuka?

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So without further ado, here are the reasons…

“This is 40 40 reasons why I love you.”
1: You are kind
2: You are an amazing father
3: You are loyal
4: You’re God fearing
5: You love your family
6: Your patience
7: Your sensitivity
8: Your constant support of me
9: Your charm
10: Your fashion sense
11: You have an open mind
12: You’re a feminist
13: Your eyes get tinier when you laugh
14: You never give up on me
15: You buy me nice bags ?
16: You’re my atm
17: You know something about everything
18: You’re extremely diplomatic (?)
19: You’re sexy
20: Your inner strength that helps you keep calm in the midst of chaos
21: You’re intentional with me
22: You make the kids and I feel completely safe
23: You know how to cheer me up (food)
24: You’re a realist
25: You have passion for all that you do
26: Your courage to chase your dream
27: You’re level headed
28: Your confidence
29: You are intelligent
30: You are disciplined
31: You have the most gorgeous smile
32: Your relationship with God
33: You keep to time( that’s extremely important to me )
34: You are a man of your word
35: You’re a hard worker
36: You accept and understand my moody personality
37: You are reliable
38:Your work ethic
39: Your humility
40: Your morals

Ebuka was born on the 14th of July 1982. He married Cynthia in 2016 and together they are parents to two daughters. Ebuka is a trained lawyer but is best known for his expert interviewing skills. He’s a popular TV host and has hosted among others; The Big Brother Naija reality TV show, Channels TV’s Rubbin’ Minds, and Blackbox Interview on Bounce Radio.

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